Salvation Story

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. When God created Adam and Eve, he placed them in the Garden of Eden to tend and protect it. His one command was that Adam and Eve not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The day they eat of it they will surely die. Adam, however, fell to temptation by eating from that tree and failed to protect the garden from the satanic serpent. God drove them from his sanctuary and prevented them from eating from the Tree of Life. Sin had now entered the world through one man and the effects would be felt for all humanity and all of creation. However, when God cursed the serpent he also promised that from Eve’s offspring would come a man who would crush Satan’s head. God also clothed Adam and Eve with animal skins to cover their shame.

This promised offspring came in the person of Jesus Christ. He was conceived in the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, but was unlike any person that came before. He was fully God and fully man. God the Creator had become a created being in order to live among us. Just as Adam and Eve needed an animal to die instead of them, so Jesus became our perfect substitute by offering up his life unto death. Through his obedient life and sacrificial death on the cross, he was victorious over Satan, sin, and death.

After Jesus rose from the dead, he presented himself to his disciples who would become his witnesses. After Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave the Holy Spirit to his disciples and every believer. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, believers can live a life of obedience and become what God originally desired for humanity.

God commissions his people to tell others about the new life they can have through Jesus Christ. God has promised that he will redeem people from every tribe, nation, and language. God will save a vast number of people from all over the world.

In order to know God and His Son as Savior, he calls people to turn from their sin and put their faith in Jesus. He has opened the way so that believers can eat from the Tree of Life and live forever with him. In the meantime, he calls his people to meet with one another and hear from His Word. At the appointed time, Jesus will return to earth to save his people and restore the land that has been ravaged by the curse of sin.